The Summer Lover Quiz

Find out If Your Perfect Match is a Suave Surfer in the Summer Lover Quiz

Available In: Your Web Browser

Not for Kids

It’s a dead giveaway considering the subject matter — this quiz isn’t targeted towards kids. But anyone who knows how to use a mouse surely can take it. When it comes to its mouse-based controls, what you see is what you get. You are given ten questions to answer in a multiple choice format. Since at most you’ll get five different options, you will need to pick the one that’s closest to what you actually want to answer. In this short quiz game, not every reply consists of a line of text. Some are represented by an icon or a graphic.

The Questions that Matter

All and all, there are ten different questions to answer before you find out if you’re meant to date a Suave Surfer or a cute Beach Bum. From your favorite type of ice cream to your ideal romantic date, the quiz will try to assess what type of guy will have a personality that will complement your own. It’s not exactly rocket science and we can’t really tell if it has any real basis but there’s nothing to complain about in terms of variety.

Once you’ve finished answering all ten questions, you will be able to view the results. Is the perfect guy for you a cute surfer? Or perhaps you think you’re better suited for a hunky life guard? Be it only for the summer or for much, much longer, you’ll be able to find out if you’re right in this enjoyable little quiz.

Nice Clean Graphics

We do like that the buttons for the quiz are quite large. It doesn’t matter if the graphic is round or the lines of text are long rectangles — all reply buttons make good use of the space. It is fortunate that the developers made sure that there wouldn’t be any accidental presses as there is no way to review questions if you happen to make a mistake. Of course, we would have preferred to have a means to review answers or even skip questions. After all, even a few old-fashioned HTML quizzes have these features.

Being a Flash-based game, Summer Lover Quiz could use a few more dynamic features which would take advantage of its medium. This could be as basic as an intro movie, animations for the results page or transition videos. Better yet, it could go the extra mile and actually include interactive segments that could help determine your personality better. Perhaps it could be something small, like “scooping” out ice cream to create your favorite instead of simply choosing from a set of static icons. Customizing a character – by picking from a wardrobe full of swimwear would also reveal so much more of your personality. It would also add a few more minutes to the game’s play time and set it apart from the rest of the quiz games in the market.

In terms of its overall look and feel, Summer Lover Quiz effectively conjures up feelings of lounging under the heat of the sun. Its dominantly hot pink interface combined with a dramatic view of the sea makes its visuals pop. The upbeat, looping music is also pleasant to listen to even after multiple playthroughs. Basically, this quiz has the perfect beach vibe to go hand-in-hand with its summer theme.

The Verdict

So is Summer Lover Quiz the best quiz game around? As it is lacking when it comes to interactive segments, we can say that it’s not. But is it fun to answer? Now that’s something we can get behind on. Since it is pretty short, it is possible to rush through the questions in under five minutes. Simply put, this is a quiz game through and through -not quite like this love story game where there’s actually more to think about.

Regardless if you’re an avid quiz fan or you’re just curious, you’ll have no trouble with this quiz as everything is so straightforward. There are no complicated menus to navigate and the game’s layout leaves little room for accidental button presses. Try it once to find your perfect match or finish the quiz multiple times to see if you can unlock all the beach cuties. Summer Lover Quiz makes for a good bite-sized treat if you’re into quiz games in general.