Football Quiz App Review

If there’s one thing that football fans like more than the sport itself it is having their knowledge about the sport tested to the max. What other reason would they have to keep up with the arduous task of following all of the fixtures during the football season, or sitting through often unbearable nil-nil matches time and time again? There are quite a few generalised quiz apps out there that have football as part of their trivia set, but Football Quiz is an app that promises to deliver nothing but football questions, all of the time. It gets even more specific than that however: this game is focused entirely on guessing which football team the various pictures and on-screen cues indicate. For people that aren’t fans of football this game is the ultimate hell, but for football fans it couldn’t be closer to heaven.

Available On: Android, iOS

After the 26MB download and short install on your mobile device you will be ready to open and enjoy the football fun of Football Quiz, a game that has only one concern: to give you the ultimate test on your knowledge of various football teams.

The way Football Quiz works isn’t like any other general trivia quiz game you may find murmurings of at fan sites like sports talk social. Instead of asking you questions in word form and giving you multiple choice answers it instead presents you with a group of four images and a series of boxes where the letters at the bottom of the screen are to be placed. It’s essentially a bit like hangman but without the actual hanging stick figure. The images you get consist of the team’s logo, their football kit, manager and often a famous player that is notorious for being part of the team in question. Based on these clues it is then up to you to attempt to use the letters at the bottom of the screen by spelling out the name of the team you think is being represented by the pictures.

It may seem quite straightforward for the extremely knowledgeable football fans out there, but there are some fairly obscure teams as you venture deeper into the game’s 128 questions. It starts off quite easily with teams like FC Barcelona and Arsenal, teams whose football kits are world famous and can probably be guessed even by those that don’t really follow the sport at all.

For those with only moderately comprehensive knowledge about football teams however there is a spanner thrown into the works by the game to make things more challenging: extra letters. For the shorter team names you will find the letters necessary to spell them out at the bottom of the page of course, but these are drowned out by additional letters that aren’t part of the solution. This shows that Mangoo Games (the developer of this app whose website can be found at Mangoo Games) are trying to make things more challenging for the player.

If you are having particular trouble with any of the answers then you can always click on the jester’s hat logo to the bottom right of the screen above the present logo in order to purchase helpful actions with the in-game currency, gold coins. There is the option of removing the ‘red herring’ letters from the bottom of the screen for 90 coins or you can also choose to reveal a single correct letter in the solution by spending 60 coins. The in-game currency is sparingly dished out however so most players will likely end up researching the logos online. It is recommended that you visit Football Quiz Logo to look up the logos if you are struggling as other so-called solutions aren’t in keeping with the level progression of Football Quiz and are therefore incorrect.

That’s all for the game’s content – its design is also a matter of review here as well however. You’ll notice that the quiz is well-designed and fitted with a reasonable amount of polish as well. The content itself is presented in a simple fashion and navigating around the menus is also extremely easy. It’s a simple fact that the quiz is nowhere near as complex in nature as the hugely popular Quizup and therefore less design considerations were needed. The logos and pictures are well positioned, the quiz runs quickly, and everything runs as it should.

The developer of the game, a company called Mangoo Games, is no stranger to the quiz game market, having produced a number of different quiz games that can be found on their website. These other quizzes aren’t concerned with football however and most other quizzes out there don’t present their football sections (if they even have one in the first place) as well as Football Quiz does.

For the avid football fan there are more options such as tv quizzes like A Question of Sport or Sporcles Many Soccer Quizzes. For mobile users, Football Quiz is likely to be the best football quiz game that they will find out there.

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