Buzz! Quiz World Review

Available On: PS3

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There are those out there that love a good quiz game, and once upon a time Buzz! Quiz TV went ahead and blew everyone away with its gameplay – peripherals played a massive part of the action allowing for a completely different dimension to many standard quiz games- and now Sony’ Buzz! is back with Quiz World. Previous players can expect improvements across the board whilst newcomers will benefit from Quiz Worlds’ ridiculously comprehensive 5000-question database. There’s something for everyone here, making the playing of a quiz game on the PS3 seem a little less ridiculous than one would initially think.

New to Sony’s Buzz brand? Well, it is basically the flagship series and brand that deals in all things quiz and belongs to Sony. It’s kind of like the Galaxy series is to Samsung or the iPhone is to Apple, but is instead a name that carries with it the mark of quality ever since Buzz! Quiz TV broke onto the market and took the console-based quiz world by storm.

More than just a question-and-answer experience, Buzz! Quiz Worlds is a game that boasts a staggering 5,000 general knowledge questions on its disc, but it goes beyond simply asking you multiple choice questions in the style of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: it actually presents them in a multitude of formats, inserting them carefully into a variety of different games that range from Fastest Finger First-style rounds to plunging fellow contestants in a pool of gunge (in the style of classic British children’s TV show Funhouse). Adding to the authenticity of the game is the fact you can play with up to 8 players, and though the multiplayer isn’t as far-reaching as iOS-based QuizUp, you’re still interacting with a wireless buzzer like in a real quiz show which is pretty cool.

The above description could be describing any Buzz game thus far, but what makes Quiz World special? Firstly, there have been sweeping improvements across the board when it comes to the menu layout as well as the game options available. Instead of having to create your own quiz from scratch from the outset you now have some wonderful presets that you can dive into either with friends or for playing solo. Depending on how seriously you take your quizzes and how much time you have you can opt for an epic 45-minute gaming session or a much lighter 15-minute quiz round. Within these time frames you can enjoy the ever-serious trivia games that test your knowledge or indulge in straight-up silliness in rounds such as Pie Fight.

Those that have played the game before will notice the inclusion of more single-player fun this time around, but even more pronounced is the simplification of the game’s layout. Say goodbye to the needlessly complex menus from previous iterations of Buzz and say hello to simple, elegant menus that allow you to access the fun with ease. Access singe and multiplayer games immediately, check out the photos that have been snapped of you having a great time (if you’ve got a Playstation Eye, that is), and explore the many quiz packs that you can acquire as DLC, all from the improved menu.

New features continue to improve the experience in the form of new and improved modes to play. You’ve got a first-to-six mode where correct answers fill up an on-screen thermometer – that’s called Boiling Point. On the Spot is another great mode that puts you in the tough position of voting as to whether you think your fellow contestants will know the answer to the question. Furthermore, Buzz, the loveable character that acts as the host of your game shows, can also call out the name that you selected when creating your profile (or selecting from the presets). Gone are the days of generic, text-based name insertion and here are the days that tailor your quiz experience to you (to an extent).

Finally, the visuals look as good as ever, incorporating some significant improvements to ramp up the authenticity that Buzz himself is responsible for. Looking at the menus, you’ve got a background scene that puts you into the Buzz studio itself as well as visual improvements like increased audience participation/reaction, new entrance scenes from Buzz, and special effects like new camera movements and pyrotechnics to make it feel like a high-budget game show.

It’s not a clean sweep of success for the game however: expect a bit of repetitive animation from Buzz as well as a restricted database of names that Buzz can call out and a bit more hassle than there should be when setting up games for a large number of players. Even when taking these flaws into consideration, Buzz! Quiz World is still a drastic improvement on Relentless Software’s Buzz! Quiz TV, offering improvements and additions that will excite any quiz fan.

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