Buzz! Quiz TV Review

Sony’s very own quiz game series hits the PS3 with (mostly) favourable results

Available On: PS3

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While it can be entertaining to sit in front of a games console for hours on end playing epic adventure games or shoot-em-ups, there’s a whole other world of gaming for one to explore. This world varies from the eccentric Little Big Planet games to peripheral-based titles that allow you to use specially-tailored controllers that have you interacting with gameplay like you may never have done before. Buzz! Quiz TV also allows you to utilise a peripheral controller, and it does so in the form of a quiz-style buzzer. That’s right Sony’s Buzz! series is back with Buzz! Quiz TV, and this time it’s making itself at home in your PS3.

Any players that have previously had experience with the series may be a little dismayed to find out that upon loading up and playing Buzz! Quiz TV for a little while, there aren’t as many changes as one would expect to find from a sequel title that has made the jump up to the next generation of console. Take a look at the categories. These include all of the quiz classics like Lifestyle, Sports, Music, and General Knowledge – while these are plentiful in terms of challenging your brain and entertaining you for a good number of hours, some players may have expected a little more from a sequel.

Still, the fact that not much has changed – and this includes things like the game’s presentation as well as the content that it offers – really doesn’t act as much of a detriment to Buzz! Quiz TV because its predecessors on the PS3 such as Buzz! Brain of the UK were games of high quality with content and design that really didn’t need much changing.

This brings us to what Buzz! Quiz TV has to offer. The categories I previous mentioned also split down into sub-categories (ones like Food and Drink and a variety of different musical sub-genres/categories) which can be played primarily in local multiplayer mode. This involves rounds that have previously features in the Buzz! predecessors such as the classic Fastest Finger, Pass the Bomb, and Points Builder. These are all of course simply different presentations of the same content, but this content in addition to the use of the game’s peripheral controllers – those bright red quiz buzzers mentioned briefly above – allows for some surprisingly authentic quiz action with friends or family in tow.

A brand new addition to the Buzz! series that makes its debut in Buzz! Quiz TV is the High Stakes round, a section that involves placing wagers that reflect your own confidence in any one of the many quiz categories that the game offers. Previous players should notice the tweaks to Final Countdown as well, a mode that has the representations of players on the screen atop platforms whose height is relative to their score. Right answers allow you to raise up whilst incorrect ones will see you drop lower towards the bottom point where you simply fall off. It’s a bit annoying that you can’t choose whichever categories you wish to play however; the game still prescribes these for you.

The customisation aspect of the game used to come in the form of, a sit that allowed players to create and share their quizzes in an online network where fellow contestants could rate them with the possibility of them gaining enough points to rise in the regional ranks. This feature meant that the game wass still rather flexible when it came to creating your own experience. The use of past tense here is deliberate however since the mybuzzquiz website no longer operates. The consolation here is the online multiplayer mode called Sofa Vs. Sofa, which is essentially a truncated and more fast-paced version of the offline multiplayer.

Unfortunately, if you’re coming to Buzz! Quiz TV in 2014 you’re probably going to be a little disappointed since there are other quiz games out there that rival this one, even for mobile devices. You Don’t Know Jack for iOS is just one example, though Buzz! Quiz TV has the advantage of authenticity due to the buzzer peripherals (though these are identical to the ones for the Playstation 2 only wireless). The HD rework of this game also makes it look much better than its predecessors, though much of the presentation in terms of design and layout is really the same and not different enough to be impressive. Buzz! Quiz TV is still a fantastic quiz game, it’s just not far removed enough from its predecessors to impress the hell out of anyone that may play it.

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