My Little Pony Quizzes Game

As the saying used to go, “there’s no place like Pony Land”, and this tagline is no less true when it comes to the many offshoots of the modern-day My Little Pony brand. These days, the MLP universe has coupled up with Equestria Girls to create a super-universe of fantasy and fun, but how deep does your My Little Pony knowledge really go? Hasbro interactive are the keepers of the perfect knowledge-testing solution to this question, and it comes in the form of its My Little Pony Quizzes. The My Little Pony quiz game is a collection of simple, colourful, and challenging mini-quizzes designed to test your knowledge on various aspects of the MLP universe, so how good is this online quiz game at testing your My-Little-Pony knowledge? You’ll need to read on to find out.

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The Summer Lover Quiz

Find out If Your Perfect Match is a Suave Surfer in the Summer Lover Quiz

Available In: Your Web Browser

Not for Kids

It’s a dead giveaway considering the subject matter — this quiz isn’t targeted towards kids. But anyone who knows how to use a mouse surely can take it. When it comes to its mouse-based controls, what you see is what you get. You are given ten questions to answer in a multiple choice format. Since at most you’ll get five different options, you will need to pick the one that’s closest to what you actually want to answer. In this short quiz game, not every reply consists of a line of text. Some are represented by an icon or a graphic.

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Football Quiz App Review

If there’s one thing that football fans like more than the sport itself it is having their knowledge about the sport tested to the max. What other reason would they have to keep up with the arduous task of following all of the fixtures during the football season, or sitting through often unbearable nil-nil matches time and time again? There are quite a few generalised quiz apps out there that have football as part of their trivia set, but Football Quiz is an app that promises to deliver nothing but football questions, all of the time. It gets even more specific than that however: this game is focused entirely on guessing which football team the various pictures and on-screen cues indicate. For people that aren’t fans of football this game is the ultimate hell, but for football fans it couldn’t be closer to heaven.

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The Famous Date Quiz Reveals Your Perfect Red Carpet Date

Available In: Your Web Browser

Named Names

So, are you a proud member of “Team Edward”? Or perhaps, you prefer guys who can catch a golden snitch for you. Whichever is the case, you’ll be able to see if your celebrity crush is also your perfect match. To find out, you are given ten short questions to answer. No, there’s no need to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. You don’t even have to elaborate anything. All you’ll need to do is choose from a pool of five preset answers and press its corresponding button. Note that not all of these are in text format — some options are represented by icons instead. The good news is that if any of the images aren’t readily recognizable to you, you may simply hover over them to display a short description on top.

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Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz Review

Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz

Available On: PS3, PSP

Buy Online for PS3 & PSP

Household names exist for a reason: they’re consistent, they’re well-known, and they’re usually of high quality. Most importantly, household names are generally trusted by consumers because of the qualities they possess and the consistency they maintain in all of their products. Buzz! has effectively become a household name when it comes to the console-based world of quiz games. Buzz! is the quiz series that’s owned by Sony and developed by Relentless Studios; it has its flaws but more than anything it has its popularity and the trust of its fans. Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz continues the series with music-related questions in multiple formats, a new look, and now with Playstation Move support.

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Buzz! Quiz World Review

Available On: PS3

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There are those out there that love a good quiz game, and once upon a time Buzz! Quiz TV went ahead and blew everyone away with its gameplay – peripherals played a massive part of the action allowing for a completely different dimension to many standard quiz games- and now Sony’ Buzz! is back with Quiz World. Previous players can expect improvements across the board whilst newcomers will benefit from Quiz Worlds’ ridiculously comprehensive 5000-question database. There’s something for everyone here, making the playing of a quiz game on the PS3 seem a little less ridiculous than one would initially think.

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Buzz! Quiz TV Review

Sony’s very own quiz game series hits the PS3 with (mostly) favourable results

Available On: PS3

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While it can be entertaining to sit in front of a games console for hours on end playing epic adventure games or shoot-em-ups, there’s a whole other world of gaming for one to explore. This world varies from the eccentric Little Big Planet games to peripheral-based titles that allow you to use specially-tailored controllers that have you interacting with gameplay like you may never have done before. Buzz! Quiz TV also allows you to utilise a peripheral controller, and it does so in the form of a quiz-style buzzer. That’s right Sony’s Buzz! series is back with Buzz! Quiz TV, and this time it’s making itself at home in your PS3.

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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? & Friends Review

Available On: Android, iOS

The famous (or for those that weren’t very good at it, infamous) Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? quiz hit screens a number of years ago. Its premise was essentially to attempt to humiliate adults by pitting them against children in a quiz that issues questions to both the adult and child; the questions ranged from 1st-grade level to 5th-grade level. As you can imagine when the adult falls behind the child in terms of total points scored, things can get pretty humiliating. This premise has been moulded (and some would say forced to an extent) into the mobile-gaming world, resulting in Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? & Friends for mobile. As you’ll find out the game has a pleasant and entertaining enough premise, but is it too weighed down by developer greed to really shine?

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