You Don't Know Jack Review

You Don't Know Jack

Available On: Android, iOS

It's not very often anyone can say this, but it's very unlikely that most people would have played anything like You Don't Know Jack before in their gaming lives. Though You Don't Know Jack technically belongs to the quiz game genre, its presentation, format, and general premise is substantially different even to all of the truly original quiz games out there. You're no longer asked to sit through boring question-and-answer sessions that are as plain as can be - You Don't Know Jack's in-your-face and humorous format and division into "episodes" of quizzes as well as its wacky commentary and off-the-wall questions make it entirely unique.

Now, You Don't Know Jack has been around for a great deal of time, since 2005 to be exact. It didn't exist in its app form back then however: it has been a video game since the aforementioned year and has existed in various forms offering different types of trivia and unique puzzles. Now it's on the app store of your chosen mobile device (if you've gone for Android or iOS, that is), and it's safe to say that it is one of the most original and quirky quiz games that you can own, and that's taking into account all of its rivals, of which there are many to choose from.

Its premise is probably the least quirky aspect of the game. All you have to do is open up the app, login with Facebook (though you can also play as a guest), and then answer either five or ten questions consecutively, winning money for correct answers as well as earning cash for getting the answers clicked as quickly as you can (its general features are also explained on the iOS You Don't Know Jack page).

This game is negatively marked however, meaning that getting questions wrong can result in money being taken away from you, bringing up the potential scenario of doing well for the whole round and then having your hard-earned cash (in-game and not real-life money, mind you) swiped away in one badly-played round. But that's exactly what makes this game so fun.

So if the quirkiness isn't in the premise itself, then why has the game been described as such above? Well, it is in the presentation of the questions as well as the style of the between-question entertainment (even the existence of this kind of feature makes the game unique) and jokes/commentary that makes You Don't Know Jack such a unique app to own. The quiz's presenter, known as Cookie Masterson, exists in the form of a heavily sarcastic voice that comes up with ridiculous jokes and narrates the questions in a very humorous fashion.

The questions themselves are also quite unique in the sense that they aren't what you would expect from a trivia game. The questions range from asking what kind of force is acting upon the band One Direction if they were to suddenly come to a halt on a bike (the answer is Inertia) to identifying which words that appear are brands of condom and which are types of rice. These question are undoubtedly challenging and unquestionably entertaining. The style of the narrator is definitely an acquired taste however; many people will be repulsed by him whilst others will thoroughly enjoy his style.

The quiz has multiple episodes consisting of a predetermined quantity of questions, so if you like to play the game a lot you're going to run out of episodes quite quickly - this is definitely one of the game's drawbacks, but it also means that each episode has unique questions that are presented in a unique and well thought-out format.

Since being released, You Don't Know Jack has acquired a multiplayer mode that allows you to go up against your friends from your Facebook list or strangers if you just feel like logging in as a guest. This makes the game much more entertaining because a social element is always preferred over the lack of one in trivia games such as these. Even the adverts involved in the game aren't really adverts - they're fake and put together by developers Jackbox Games to make things seem more outrageously American and ridiculously entertaining. One of the main flaws with the game that may deter some is its pace: it can get a little slow between rounds if all you want are quick-fire questions. Other than that however, You Don't Know Jack manages to wipe the floor with most of its rivals.