Who Becomes Rich Review

Who Becomes Rich

Available On: Android, iOS

Sometimes when you're looking for a quiz game to entertain you there is too much choice on the Play Store. Though games like Quizup are extremely popular and undoubtedly fantastic examples of wide-ranging trivia experiences, these can be a little full-on, plus the aforementioned app requires a constant internet connection in order for it to be enjoyed to its fullest. At times like these it can pay to simply reach for a quiz app of a more classical nature. One such app is the Android-only Who Becomes Rich, a title from developer Mobfish that presents a variety of trivia questions in a super-simple interface that is easy to use yet hugely entertaining and addictive once you get going with it.

As soon as you open up the quiz and enter into its questions you will immediately notice the similarities between this quiz and another popular quiz that's well-known around the world. That quiz is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Who Becomes Rich borrows some things from its format. This app is obviously a multiple-choice quiz experience, and it is a classic one at that. It presents you with a question and a series of four possible answers, only one of which is correct. You begin at £100 and slowly move up the scale to over 1,000,000 pounds. This is just one of the features is borrows from Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Another feature that the app takes from the previously-mentioned quiz show is the use of lifelines in order to help out anyone that may be struggling with the questions. There is the much-expected 50/50 lifeline which eliminates two incorrect answers and leaves you with the right answer and one remaining wrong answer. You've got the "ask the audience" option which basically gives you an answer that could be right but isn't definitely so. You've also got the option to get rid of the current question and replace it with another one that will hopefully be more favourable to your chances. There's no getting away from it: this is a direct rip from Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but it's OK because it's a system that works.

Who Becomes Rich works on a sudden death system. This means that you only need to get one single answer wrong in order to eliminate you from the game, meaning that you have to start again from the beginning. Whichever level of money you manage to make it to when you answer a question wrong (or if you make it to the end) is your final score. This score can be published to the leaderboard if you enter your Facebook details. It can be quite fun to share your score with your friends to see how other people are doing with the quiz and gauge exactly how good you are at general knowledge quizzes and trivia in general.

The questions of the game are numerous and you will be unlikely to encounter repeated questions unless you're playing the game repeatedly every day for a long, long time. In fact, the questions that appear in the game may very well be user-submitted as the description on the Play Store states that questions can be entered by users after which they will be evaluated for accuracy and then entered into the game. Some good news for players: the app's opening message states that a large update is on its way for the game, a piece of news that is most welcome as this app has been the same for quite some time now. Even so, it still offers a great offline quiz experience that doesn't need an internet connection to run.

The game's design is as slick and professional as one could ever want from a quiz app. It is very easy to use and looks great, its dark colour scheme simply drawing you eyes in to the action and immersing you almost completely in its high-tension format that can shatter or affirm your hopes at the press of a button. The pause between pressing your answer and the revealing of whether it is correct is particularly tension-inducing, but again it is a feature that's technically on loan from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Visiting Mobfish.net will give you more information about the game's developer but this isn't necessary: simply play Who Becomes Rich and find out for yourself the level of tension and quizzing excellence this game has to offer.