Ultimate English Spelling Quiz Review

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

Available On: Android, iOS

Traditionally it is the general-knowledge quiz game that has the broadest appeal, with questions being posed that are designed to test the broadness of your knowledge-scope. However, when you think about it, general knowledge quizzes don’t really teach you anything aside from the largely useless and life-irrelevant subjects that the trivia quiz is covering in that moment. Quizzes don’t have to be this way, however, and the Ultimate English Spelling Quiz is a towering example of a game that can bend your brain whilst fitting firmly in the “genuinely useful” category of apps.

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz offers a simple design and, at first, simple words to spell. However, as you progress through its multitude of categories and difficulty levels, even the most seasoned of English-speakers will be stretched to their limits. Read on to find out whether this enlightening quiz game can form part of your quizzical arsenal.

A brain-bending quiz game with an educational twist

When a developer decides to brand their app with the word “Ultimate” in its title, this sets expectations very high. The Ultimate English Spelling Quiz claims to offer a quiz experience that can sharpen your English skills, with its time-limited, quick-fire question format your brain to think on its figurative feet. However, could this app’s content and design really live up to the “Ultimate” that features so prominently in its title?


The Ultimate English Spelling Quiz works its brain-training magic in a traditional manner, without the flash or pizzazz of more polished social-based trivia games like quizup.com, with the gameplay mechanics erring on the simple side. No matter which of the game’s substantial quantity of levels you are playing, the quiz frame work remains the same: answering a variety of spelling conundrums that are posed in the classic multiple-choice format that most quiz fans will be familiar with. Think of it as a very stripped-down version of HQ Trivia & Words, only focusing almost exclusively on spelling rather than more generalised trivia.

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz: Game Play

The multiple-choice format could be described as overdone - even unimaginative – if it weren’t for the developers’ decision to wrap the multiple-choice format around a time-limited format. There is a 30-second countdown that starts the moment the question appears on the screen. This countdown is accompanied by a points countdown that starts with 1000 and descends in conjunction with the 30-second timer. The faster you can choose the correct spelling, the more points you earn per correct answer. These points are then recorded and then displayed against each section, allowing you to keep track of your progress, and even re-take each quiz to better your score if you wish to do so.

The way the app allows you to tune your spelling skills isn’t as inspiring or creative as some English vocabularly building or spelling games, nor is it going to be as effective as actual language-learning apps like busuu.com or duolingo.com, but this app does fulfil its purpose as a quiz app very well. It even gets a little creative in the way it poses the questions, going further than simply asking you to “choose the correct spelling for..” certain words. Instead, it often poses questions in varying formats that make you think a little about the meaning of the word, instead of just choosing one correct answer from a choice of four in a manner that is divorced from the player learning the meaning and/or context of the words in question.


Sadly, the functionality of Ultimate English Spelling Quiz doesn’t extend to being able to create your own quizzes like you can with the Easypromos Quiz-maker app. However, the app’s content is comprised of 8 main Spelling Quizzes, each containing 10 individual quizzes. In addition to these main quizzes, the app also offers several “Bonus Quiz” sections, including quizzes designed to cover and improve your knowledge of various features of the English language such as antonyms, plurals, tenses, foreign-origin words, common slangs, American vs British English variants, acronyms, and even a section on phobias.

Not Ultimate, But Excellent

Considering that most of the high-quality spelling apps out there either cost money to play and/or are aimed more at children, Ultimate English Spelling Quiz has just about marked out a nice little niche for itself. Its content could very well allow children to learn to spell various words, but there isn’t anything child-like about the content. In fact, some of it can be quite complex. Even native English speakers may have their limits tested here!

The main drawback of this app would be that in order to make it free, the developers have had to include adverts, which can feel quite lengthy and intrusive at times. However, this is a relatively minor complaint given that this is one of the main quiz game apps out there offering a pleasant mixture of simple design, ease of use, and steadily-increasing difficulty in the spelling conundrums it offers the player.

You can get the app for Android at the Google Play store or for the iPhone at iTunes Store