Ultimate Logo Quiz

If there was ever quiz game sub-genre that is enjoyed almost universally then it would be the category of the logo quiz. Instead of plain old trivia questions being answered by the player, logo quizzes usually give you the logo of various companies and ask you to either guess them outright or select the answers, multiple-choice style. These games transcend the usual divisions between quiz game genres because most people like to think they know a fair bit about the brands that dominate capitalist societies and the world in general. Whether the Ultimate Logo Quiz is actually the ultimate game of its type is still up for debate, but the fact that it is incredibly fun to play is an absolute certainty.

Ultimate Logo Quiz

In this instance the game's title pretty much explains what you should expect from this particular niche brand of quiz: logos, and a hell of a lot of them. Instead of the endless stream of trivia coming from most of the quiz games at the moment, Ultimate Logo Quiz deals specifically with logos, testing your memory and brand awareness to the absolute limits. T

This isn't multiple choice as you would also expect in your standard trivia games - you are presented with reams of stripped-down logos in each of the categories, all with parts of them missing but with letters and logos to try and jog your memory. All you have to do is use the scrambled letters at the bottom to spell out what which company the altered logo represents. It's sort of like hangman in its approach, but much more fun because you get to delve into your brain to see just how much information you take in when you're browsing the web, watching the news, shopping, and countless other activities in your daily life.

Other activities were mentioned because the game's categories are extremely comprehensive in nature. In terms of pure numbers, there are upwards of 800 logos to work out throughout the game. These logos are split up into 22 categories that include Web & Mobile, TV, Watches, Shops, Petrol, Music, Industry, Health, and a whopping 13 more. Expect to see the likes of Ebay, Facebook, Tag Heur, BP, AOL, Google Drive, and countless other company logos make appearances here; those are just a select handful of the easy ones.

The game gets much more difficult as you progress, with the more obscure and lesser-known companies requiring much more thought/knowledge and therefore awarding you more stars once you get them, ranging anywhere from between 1 and 5 stars for your efforts. Hints are also available and are acquired by answering multiple questions correctly. There are also many solutions pages on the internet, the best and most comprehensive one being the Game Solver Logo Quiz Solutions, though it sort of ruins the fun if you go rooting around on the internet for answers instead of using your own knowledge.

You would think that the developers of this game would be content with coming up with a great logo quiz and leave it at that, wouldn't you? Well they've done a bit more than that: solving each logo also brings up a small description of the company that it represent. This description contains interesting facts about the history/origins/nature of each of each company, making this more than just a straight-up "guess the thing" game. This little bit of extra information makes all the difference, and Bubble Quiz Games knew this when developing the game. Here's a link to the Bubble Quiz Games Facebook Page, the only official page of the developer seemingly on the whole of the internet.So Ultimate Logo Quiz has the content, that much is certain, but does it have the design and usability aspects sewn up as well?

Ultimate Logo Quiz

It would appear that this quiz also excels in those departments as well. Its design is impeccable: a minimalistic main menu allows you to either play the game or get hints whilst stats, leader boards, and settings exist as logos beneath the aforementioned buttons; categories consist of large rectangles, clearly marked in different colours and the category itself named in the top-right hand corner while a number of the logos within that category are stylishly scattered in the top-left corner; each quiz section also contains the partial logos, all neatly arranged and ready to be solved. Navigation through the app is also a delight.

It appears that Ultimate Logo Quiz has it all: content, design, a simple format, and an addictive nature that many of its rivals and online counterparts (this online Logo Quiz for example) simply can't replicate. For these reasons the Ultimate Logo Quiz certainly has to be the very best quiz of its type out there to date.