Top 5 Quiz Games for Mobiles: Android & iPhone

Games Available On: Android, iOS

If you would describe yourself as a bit of a quiz addict then heading for the app store on your mobile device is a very good place to go to feed your habit in the healthiest way. In addition to the many standard trivia-based games out there you've got an abundance of more specific, specially-tailored quiz games that focus heavily on narrow subjects as well as games that play around with the genre a little. This Top 5 list focuses on only the very best quiz games you can possibly get for your mobile however, leaving out the lesser games that may very well disappoint you or waste your time. So if you're looking to find the best quiz apps then this list if definitely the best place to start.

1. Who Becomes Rich -

Who Becomes Rich

Available On: Android, iOS

First on the list is a game that heavily mimics one of the most recognisable formats in the entire quiz genre: the big-money multiple-choice quiz. Obviously allusions to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? are seen frequently throughout the game, but this only serves to remind players that Who Becomes Rich is based on a tried and tested format that's as solid as you'll find on the app store.

Questions are asked concerning a multitude of subjects and answers are entered at the player's leisure (as opposed to being under any sort of time-based pressure like they are in You Don't Know Jack). The quantity of money you receive increases with the difficulty of the questions, which also increases as you play through the rounds. Lifelines are also incorporated into the action: 50/50, Ask the "Audience", and Skip Question are the options here.

Who Becomes Rich isn't revolutionary in its approach to the genre but it is as solid as you can hope for in a quiz game. The lack of a social element does preclude players from enjoying it with their friends, but for a single-player quiz game, Who Becomes Rich is as entertaining as can be.

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2. Songpop - Freshplanet


Available On: Android, iOS

Sometimes text-based questions just aren't enough to satisfy some lovers of the quiz game genre, which is where the music-based quiz that's somewhat exemplified in Songpop comes into play. Far from the browser-contained, text-based multiple choice humdrum so common in quizzes like Music Trivia Master, Songpop takes more of a fresh approach: you must listen to short clips of songs and then identify them as quickly as you can from the multiple-choice answers available.

Draw Something is an app that is comparable to this one, in terms of format and in-app purchases at least. Songpop also lets you play against others over your phone's network, though the lack of a friending/communication system does hurt the app a little, as does the incessant pressure to purchase many of the songs that make appearances. Still, there are few apps like Songpop out there that are so cleanly designed and popular, so it is deserving of its position here.

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3. Moviecat - Otherwise Games


Available On: iOS

If sublime design and a developer that actually cares about how entertaining their games are for players are features you're interested in when shopping for apps, then Moviecat is just the ticket. The feline-heavy design will amuse most players and the game's accessible nature and brilliant interface will ensure that anyone who has fingers will be able to thoroughly enjoy this game developed by Otherwise Games.

In case you aren't aware, Moviecat comes from the very game people behind's trivia archives. Moviecat involves answering a variety of movie-based trivia across no less than 14 different types of round. You'll frequently encounter the unique challenge of attempting to identify scenes that are portrayed by cats in the costumes that take the form of famous movie scenes. With trivia questions that may very well stump even serious movie lovers, a humorous approach to the subject matter, and a design that is second to none, the only thing that could possibly be better is Moviecat 2.

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4. You Don't Know Jack - Jack Box Games

You Don't Know Jack

Available On: Android, iOS

There's a lot to be said about You Don't Know Jack's approach to trivia: eccentric, outlandish, and unique are just a few adjectives that come to mind, and this can be found across multiple platforms including YDKJ Classic Pack on Steam. This mobile-based version however is a trivia game with a difference because it involves 20 unique sessions that are made up of multiple quiz questions. These questions range from science-based conundrums to geographical, historical, and musical questions.

The unique nature of You Don't Know Jack really comes out in its presentation of the trivia however. Questions are presented in a few different styles, from multiple choice to choosing which of the answers that appear belong to either one or the other category, through to word association rounds. Everything is narrated in a humorous fashion as well, with each round feeling like a sort of indie quiz show. You can even play against your friends through Facebook or random players as well, making this game an absolute must if you like unusual forms of trivia.

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5. Quizup - Plain Vanilla Games Corp


Available On: Android, iOS

Quizup is just one of those games that got absolutely massive, its rise to fame and success being entirely justified considering the high quality of what's on offer within the app. For one thing you've got a range of categories that are comprehensive to say the least. Geography, General Knowledge, Logos, Harry Potter, Women in Music, Nature, Science, Movies; Quizup has it all. Quizzes are also added on a weekly basis which keeps things completely fresh.

The app also has many other features that make it an incredible experience: a social aspect where you can message opponents (this has inspired other developers to make great apps like Haste for iPhone), various achievements to collect, playing against your friends - these are all part of what makes the experience great. The pace of the quizzes is also swift and enjoyable, and the app's design is absolutely impeccable. The design makes it easy to navigate which is also an impressive feat considering the game's complex content and features.

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