The Impossible Quiz 2 Review

The Impossible Quiz 2

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So Slapp-Me-Do's tantalisingly brain-twisting super-quiz is back, and the internet couldn't be happier about it. The original quiz basically redefined what being a quiz meant for a game, taking the standard multiple-choice answer format to an entirely different level, and then jettisoning itself sideways from conventional reality into a different dimension of quiz altogether.

If you think the sentences and words that comprise the questions of The Impossible Quiz 2 are literal, then they may very well be, but bear in mind that the developer knows you may be thinking this and therefore may have made it so the question you're about to answer is anything but literal, cryptic even. And so we have The Impossible Quiz 2: a quiz that makes other quizzes seem mind-numbing in comparison.

Firstly, for those that haven't played the original version of The Impossible Quiz, this game is pretty much a standard quiz game in terms of format: answer questions by choosing from the multiple choice options that make up most of the game, but you should definitely be prepared for some prizes along the way. These surprises range from simple wordplay and having to pay close attention to the way the question is worded right through to questions that aren't so much questions as mini-games that will test you reflexes, dexterity, and mental prowess. Some questions even take the form of jokes that you must finish the punch line for, which is the case in the very first question.

The whole game is played with the mouse, but there are also questions that require the use of the keyboard as well. Many of the questions are straight-up text-based and require you to simply think a little about the answer. One question for example, asks you which of the on-screen answers happens to bethe largest: Earth, Mars, Galaxy, or Milky Way. Of course if the quiz meant all of these in the astronomical sense then one would pick galaxy but the fact that there is a Galaxy and Milky Way answer means something is afoot. The real answer to this question is Earth because the rest are chocolate bars, but this is the kind of thinking you have to adopt if you're going to get far in The Impossible Quiz 2.

The questions continue in this manner, separating themselves from the standard questions of other quizzes by incorporating eccentric little mini-games such as typing out what the on-screen character tells you to or clicking a balloon of the correct colour as they quickly float off the top of the screen. It is the little touches such as these that make The Impossible Quiz 2 a far superior game to other standard quizzes out there such as the trivia-based Action Quiz.

In terms of the game's design, it has notably improved from the original Impossible Quiz whist still maintaining its rustic, amateur-design charm. You'll notice that the edges of everything you see have become smoother and a little more time has been put into the designing of the mini-games, not to mention the fact that there are more questions and greater quantities of mini-games this time around as well. The Impossible Quiz 2 is a fine example of a developer managing to recognise exactly what the players of the original would want in a sequel and making the corresponding improvements in the sequel whilst ensuring that the light-hearted atmosphere and distinctive style of the original remains.

The difficulty of this quiz has definitely been ramped up since the original as well. Though the original wasn't exactly a breeze to play through, The Impossible Quiz 2 manages to add in just enough mini-games, side-shows, and other distractions to make you forget that the game you're playing is as mystical and unpredictable a quiz as you'll ever play on the internet. You'll find yourself having to think long and hard about some of the questions, not to mention having to start again from the beginning a number of times after being defeated by the curve-balls that it throws at you, often literally (you can check out the solutions to the quiz if you're really struggling).

There's really no other quiz like The Impossible Quiz 2 (apart from the original, obviously). It's dynamic, fun to play, great to look at, and generally an unpredictable ball of fun that will keep you on your toes more than any other quiz game will. The improved design is welcome and the new questions are just as crazy as ever. If you do nothing else today, you should definitely play The Impossible Quiz 2 because it's simply fantastic in every way.