Quizboard Review


Available On: Android, iOS

There have been many positive reviews of Quizboard, a game from developer Planeto AB that goes further than just presenting players with endless rounds of trivia in repetitive multiple-choice format. These positive reviews are pretty much all justified because this game brings you all the fun of Trivial Pursuit (the board game) whilst adding its own twist: going head to head against real players and moving across a virtual game board. Quizboard is effectively the best of both the board game and the mobile-game worlds, pulling together a number of features from each to make for an highly original trivia game.

The way Quizboard is played is actually unlike any other of the standard trivia games out there. Instead of boring question-and-answer sessions repeated until boredom you have to answer questions as rapidly as you can. These questions come from a substantial number of different categories, with correct answers allowing you to progress from one side of the great-looking onscreen board to the other. The board actually looks a little bit like a Scrabble board, only without the word-game aspect, obviously.

The way the questions integrate with the game board is simple: you simply pick the categories from the side of the screen and drag them into position on the board. The goal is obviously to answer as many questions as possible as quickly as you can, hurrying to the finish line before your opponent manages to do the same. The game is won by the player that happens to have been good enough to have scored the larger quantity of points by the time you reach the end of the board.

A correctly-answered question nets you 100 points, but the scoring system is more complex than this, and this area is where the board-game strategy really comes into play. Multipliers are on offer of course, achieved by answering consecutive questions correctly. You can also do things like place questions on bonus areas of the board, and you can even combine questions from identical categories to supersize your points as well. It's not exactly as complex as Scrabble for iOS, but it's several steps ahead of even popular games like Quizup because of its board-game format.

Your opponents can be either random people around the world that also own the game or you can also challenge any friends that also possess the game on their mobile device as well. Competing against friends can be done through Facebook, but this is not required for challenging a random player. The game gives you handy notifications to tell you when you are up for making a move, ensuring that you don't miss any of the action and let any of the games go idle. The player base is also substantial enough to ensure that you'll get a randomly-selected opponent in no time at all.

Players won't have too much of a hard time getting a majority of the questions right: they aren't as difficult as they are in games like Quisr since Quizboard is designed for a much broader audience. The questions are still challenging enough to keep players interest however, no matter what level of knowledge or interest they may have in games of this genre.

If you have chosen to opt for the free version of Quizboard this comes with one gameboard. This is enough if you're just looking to get a flavour of this unique game, but serious players may wish to splash out a little on the premium version, which has a total of 10 layout variations. Free players will also suffer a little from being presented with ads on the screen, but this is to be expected from a free version. The premium version is definitely worth it if you play the game frequently however - you'll be surprised at just how addictive the game can be if you're playing it frequently.

You're given a 48 hour deadline to make your move after your opponent makes his. This is probably one of the features that is a little annoying because it seems like too short of a time window, particularly if you don't always pay attention to your phone all of the time. You will have your game cancelled if the 48-hour mark is reached with no moves. Perhaps in the future this could be remedied, and maybe more players could be allowed to play at the same time as well.

These wishes aside however, Quizboard is a delightfuly original game that's definitely miles above its competitors in terms of originality. The game is from talented developer Planeto AB - visit their website and show them your support for creating such a fantastic and original quiz game.