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Top Quiz Board Games for Christmas 2016, Parties & Birthdays

top quiz board games

Board games may be treated as an antiquated practice by some people (especially in this current day and age of mobile apps providing similar game experiences) but there is something special about laying out a board, preparing the pieces, and having your friends and family spread around the table joining in on the fun. And what better time to bring out a board game than the holidays –it instantly solves the requirement of having a lot of people to play while also giving you a way to entertain guests. And we have to admit, board games now give off this refined and classy kind of feeling, so it can also be used to entertain even the most austere guests.

Top Music Quiz Board Games for Christmas 2016, Parties & Birthdays

Music and games! It’s a great combo for celebrating and a perfect way to spend time with family and friends during the holidays. After all, one can only spend so many hours talking about somber issues and worries (grown up talk and all that), there should also be a bit of room for healthy things as well. So why music? Because most people love it! Mind you, not everyone likes the same thing, but regardless if you are an audiophile or you have only liked one song your entire life, it is hard to not know anything about basic music pop culture.

Football Quiz Board Games

Football Quiz Board Games

For those football fanatics out there who love the beautiful game from their couches, now's the time to get hold of one of these fantastic board games that will test your knowledge in a fun and engaging way with your mates. Take a look at those we recommend here.