Quisr Review


Available On: Android, iOS

There's definitely not going to be a shortage of quiz games for mobile anytime soon, but the abundance of them in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store definitely makes it quite difficult to choose ones that are worth your time whilst avoiding those that really aren't up to scratch. While the high-quality ones with downloads in the millions (such as Quizup or 4 Pics 1 Word) are more obvious, there are some hidden gems that won't necessarily come your way unless you're looking for them. This is why Quisr is the subject of this article: it is a quiz app that isn't particularly original or innovative, but whose questions are more complex and challenging than most other quiz games you'll find out there.

The fact that the app doesn't actually bring anything revolutionary to the table really isn't a detriment to it at all. Quizup is after all a fairly standard quiz game at heart in spite of its social interaction and full-scale multiplayer; it has downloads in the millions. Quisr isn't quite as large-scale as Quizup, but with an impressive range of subjects and questions that are more towards the advanced camo of trivia games in general, it has plenty to offer those serious about their trivia and about being challenged by the apps that they allow to take up space on their Android or iOS Device.

Opening the free version of Quisr will greet you with the main menu. You have the option to sign in so that you can publish your scores to the leader's board and compare them with other players, but you can also plough ahead and dive straight into the single-player quiz if you so desire.

The single-player quiz is almost definitely going to be the one that you will be playing most often, and it is definitely one of the better-designed interfaces out there. The background looks almost like you're in outer space when you're playing, but this just aesthetic; the quiz itself is wonderful to play as well. The format is a simple multiple-choice on where you have to choose the right answer/answers to each question. The quiz is timed from the first question you answer; a bar counts down from right to left at the top of the screen and when it's empty your quiz is over. Correct answers keep the bar full and also give you points that help you to level up.

It is with the questions themselves that Quisr really excels; they are extremely difficult, more so than any other trivia game you are likely to play. Some will happen to be common knowledge for people, but the questions are extremely well balanced and require a fair bit of detailed knowledge about subjects such as History, Geography, Science, Sport, Music, and many more. You can't just guess aimlessly either because wrong answers will reduce the amount of time you have and therefore the number of points you can acquire in any round.

Some questions have single answers and some multiple; this is indicated by the number of small white rectangles below the question. The questions truly are a marvel for which the game's developer, Vienom, should be praised highly (they are also updated very regularly).

You have a bit of a reprieve when it comes to not knowing the answers to some questions in the form of lifeline-style icons at the bottom of the screen. You can use the freeze icon to free the timer for a while, the cross icon to eliminate two wrong answers, and the skip question icon to move on to then next question with no punishment. Lifelines can also be replenished after they are used if you see the 'Joker-Chance' signal below the current question. This allows you to renew your chances of answering questions correctly without crashing and burning too early on in the game.

Additional features can be found in the Quisr Pro Version including the multiplayer allowing up to four players instead of the restricted 2-player nature of the free version, additional languages, the ability to level up higher, and the choice between 8 categories. The free version plays fantastically however, meaning you don't have to spend any money to enjoy much of the features of Quisr.

The last but certainly not the least impressive feature of Quisr is its design. You will notice just how professional the game looks, with optional special effects and extremely smooth transitions between questions as well as a simple yet elegant design. The questions also shine as some of the best and toughest you will ever find in a mobile quiz game, beating out rivals like Triviaburst hands-down, even in terms of design as well. Quisr is a sublime experience, so much so that the pro version is even worth splashing out on.