Quisr Football Championships Review

Available On: Android, iOS

For those that don't enjoy football very much there's a whole App store waiting for you to explore that offers games that don't even touch on the subject. For people that really enjoy in-depth sessions with football, football games, and football shows, then the app store is also a fruitful place to look. Among the many football quizzes out there is Quisr Football Champions, a quiz that comes from the same brains that came up with the original Quisr, and anyone who has played the latter will know just how great it was. This Football Champions version isn't quite up to the standard of its cousin, but it's got a few things to offer the hardcore football fan.

Quisr Football Championships

Firstly, downloading the quiz will present you with an app that's focused entirely on football. However, not only is football the main subject of the quiz, but it's even more detailed and niche-market than that: it's a quiz whose theme is the 2012 European Championships, making all of the questions incredibly specific and almost all about previous European championships and things relating to them. This quiz may even be a little specific for the more casual football fans out there, so these fans may want to give Mangoo's more accessible Football Quiz instead.

But for anyone that thinks they have some stellar knowledge about football, and in particular the history of the European Championships and any questions that may arise. The game's format is really like any other quiz in terms of the presentation of the questions: you are asked questions and must answer them. Questions come with either single or multiple answers.

Where Quisr's football quiz can claim to be a different from any other quiz (football or otherwise) is that the progression through the game is akin to a progression through a football tournament, say the Uefa Champions League for example. You pick your team at the beginning of single player mode and you are entered into a sort of fake football match where answering a question right will score you a goal. If you answer questions wrongly then you concede a goal. It's relatively simple and in spite of the tournament-like presentation, there really isn't any different between this and any other standard trivia quiz.

You may be happy to know that the questions themselves are frequently updated and therefore the risk of encountering repeat questions is significantly reduced. There are over 800 questions in total, which may sound like a significant quantity but is really around the standard that developers should be aiming for if they are to ensure that the players of their quiz games don't get frustrated or put off by repeated questions.

The questions range from asking you about outcomes of tournaments right through to more general queries regarding trophies, awards, and players. You'll also get easier questions such as those asking you about football field measurements, so the quiz isn't entirely inaccessible to more casual football fans.

Because Quisr Football Champions is a free app, one would be expecting at least banner adverts frequently throughout the game. In fact there are more intrusive obstructions than this: you actually have to view a 20-second advert after some quizzes. This really slows the pace down, as does the lack of multiplayer initially available. Of course you can purchase the privilege of multiplayer, a feature that should really be available as standard. The prices aren't outrageous: 95p for multiplayer and £1.19 for removing the ads. Some may opt to pay these prices, but I can see most people not bothering because the quiz isn't incredibly original or unique, and certainly not as challenging or well-designed as the original Quisr.

That said, the design isn't horrendous, or even below average as a matter of fact. The football-pitch background, match-like presentation of the questions, and navigation through the menus are all solid; they just aren't anything to actually write home about. The sounds are again decent, but the audio isn't anywhere near as snappy as trivia game You Don't Know Jack. What Quisr Football Champions lacks is flair and character - there's simply no originality or inventiveness here.

Still, for those that are truly into their football the promise of tough and challenging questions that will help to somehow boost their ego is an enticing one. There aren't any faults with the Quisr Football Championships design as such, it could just be much, much better and less generic in nature. The lack of multiplayer in the free version is also a big letdown, as are the frequent adverts. When it comes down to it, there are many, many superior mobile soccer games out there that offer a more complete experience than this one. Quisr Football Champions is good for half an hour, but the fun simply fades away soon after this.