Moviecat Review


Available On: iOS

From the maker of the famous Invisibles quiz (movie quizzes that take famous scenes from movies and cleverly Photoshop out any of the characters whilst leaving their clothes and any items they may be holding) comes Moviecat!, a game that's all about movie trivia presented in a remarkable variety of formats. Considering the developers behind this game it's pretty safe to say that the app is a quality experience from beginning to end, relenting only very slightly in its greatness occasionally, but how could it not miss the mark at least once with a staggering 14 different categories of movie-based quiz-puzzles? So whether you like chick flicks, action, adventure, or comedy, there's a genre and a puzzle mode for everyone in Moviecat!

The very first thing that is noticeable about Moviecat! isn't its trivia questions or any of its content but rather its design. It's simply incredible to look at with one of the cleanest yet most stylish interfaces you're likely to find in a trivia game app. When compared to other apps in the trivia/quiz game market you'll notice just how much of the heart and soul of the developers has gone into this game, a stark contrast to some of the empty, mass-produced, and money-grabbing titles that so frequently populate the app stores of Apple and Google. The developers in this case are the people behind the much-loved

You'll begin the quiz in the usual manner, by entering your name to kick of proceedings and also selecting the difficulty that's appropriate for your level of film knowledge. The difficulty doesn't necessarily make the questions harder/easier, but rather directly affects the number of your lives that can be lost during each puzzle round. The format takes the form of a five-round game, each containing five different forms of challenge, each different from each other.

There are a whopping 14 different types of puzzle category to discover in Moviecat, all powered by a substantial database of questions that runs into the hundreds quite comfortably. There are of course some standard trivia questions involved in the game which ask you a question that you simply have to answer with no frills, bells, or whistles. Then there are some rounds that ask you to do things like guessing the title of a movie by looking at the DVD Chapters (this is incidentally the weakest of all of Moviecat!'s rounds).

In true Filmwise form, by far the greatest round in Moviecat! is the round that involves looking at stills from a movie and identifying the movie they are from. But it doesn't stop there: the main actors that would ordinarily make it easy for you to guess the films have been replaced, by cats . Cats play quite the large role in this game in case you haven't guess already: you'll see them replacing characters in things like movie posters or simply see cats dressed up in the costumes/attire/style of films that you have to then guess the title of - this is quirky entertainment at its finest.

This brings the focus back to the design of the game; it has clearly had a lot of effort put into it, and it pays off immeasurably. Instead of feeling like a big game that's been churned out to act as a conduit or simply a front for money-grabbing freemium transactions, Moviecats! clearly has a definite purpose to it, and that purpose is definitely to entertain and amuse above all. Many of the faceless and generic trivia apps out there lose sight of this, and this just makes Moviecat! look all the more incredible by comparison. The illustrations are of the quality you won't very often see in apps of this genre. The design is also fantastic, making the interface clean and easily navigable by even the most technology-shy people out there.

There's always a ceiling to the entertainment you can derive from trivia games however. This ceiling comes in the guise of the number of questions that are available. Though there are enough to keep things fresh and unique for quite a while, you'll notice that if you play the game enough you'll encounter repeat questions which can tarnish the experience just a little. Still, that's no reason not to head on over to official website and check it out: it will likely be the best movie trivia game for mobile that you will ever play.