Guess the Song

Specialised quizzes really aren't a new concept in the gaming world. You've got dozens, if not hundreds of titles that offer all sorts of trivia from general to highly specific, titles such as the Nat Geo Wild Life Quiz, Buzz! Quiz TV, and many other games that offer anything from general trivia to lines of questioning about a very specific subject. Music is a subject that is very popular for game developers to cover, and S Quiz It have struck it big time with their mobile-based title Guess the Song. As you would expect the game involves answering questions that are exclusively based around listening to short clips of music. Don't worry though: there's a little more variety involved than that.

Guess the Song

What makes the so frightfully addictive (as the hundreds of thousands of players that have downloaded it will attest to) is its quick-fire format. You have probably already deduced from the title of the game that this is also the game's instruction manual as well: you simply have to guess the title of the song that is playing or the artist that happens to be playing it. Rounds are split amongst each of the game's many musical genres and consist of mini-rounds which are in turn made up of 5 quick-fire questions.

It isn't as simple as taking your time over each of the questions however since you are being timed for each answer. The quicker you choose the correct answer the more points you can score for each question. You can also score multipliers by answering consecutive questions correctly. You are awarded points for each question you answer, the quantity of which also depends on how fast you manage to get the answer right.

This game has quite a simple concept of course but from the moment you enter your first round you will most likely be hooked due to the simplicity of playing it. You may also become frustrated by getting answers wrong which only serves to spur most people on to continue playing in order to get them right. It's a little more challenging than online music quizzes such as the basic Music Pop Quiz as well.

One of the most important aspects of any musical quiz game is going to be the foundation it rests on: its categories. Guess the Song has a fair number of them as well, ranging from ones you would expect such as 60s, 70s, 80s etc., Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, Female Singers, and Best of 2013 to ones that are a little more niche such as Father's Day, From Musicals, Gospel, and Made in UK. True music enthusiasts will also appreciate categories such as US TV Themes, Movie Themes, and Cartoon themes; such categories will make many people nostalgic and cause many people to smile widely with memories from their childhood.

Adding further layers of fun to the experience are the game's achievements, which are awarded to you as you fulfil any of the required parameters from completing certain rounds to answering a certain number of questions correctly. The game also allows you to level up as you play, unlocking certain features in each of the categories as you go along and challenging you to fulfil even more unique achievements. It's a bit of a shame the game doesn't mess around with the format of the questions a little more, a feature that fellow music game, Mangoo Games' Name that Tune!, offers its players.

It may annoy some players that to access some of the more desirable categories you have to shell out some of the in-game currency which comes in the form of gold coins. There are many categories that you can play for free however, and you can always earn coins by liking the app on Facebook or downloading some other apps from a list. The other option is of course to actually pay money towards getting more coins, an act which must be said is quite favourable since the game is just that addictive and the desire to unlock more categories will likely be very strong.

The game's design is bright and flashy whilst being adequately polished and not too over-the-top in approach. Many of the icons on the menu aren't really self-explanatory but the game's main functions are clear enough to navigate through. You'll also find a 2-player mode where you can play locally against your friends. Unfortunately there isn't a true multiplayer mode that works over a network like in trivia game Quizup, but then again you can't win them all. Music Quiz is definitely a game worth downloading as it's free and doesn't really require in-app purchases for you to enjoy it. Its format may be a little repetitive, but at the same time it's addictive enough for repetition not to matter.