Genius Quiz Review (Andre Birnfeld)

Genius Quiz

Available On: Android, iOS

When it comes to quiz games it seems that trivia is the approach that most developers seem to take. This is almost certainly because trivia is quite a general term and can incorporate almost any subject it wishes into its gameplay. Game series like Buzz! and Scene It! both offer up trivia to their players in a variety of different formats and mini-games but at the core of it they are still just trivia games, and trivia is effectively knowledge that is virtually useless outside of these specific situations. Genius Quiz is much more respectful of its players than that, offering up a truly challenging quiz that will force your mind to work hard in order to solve its puzzles of logic and reasoning. Very few other quizzes, no matter how popular, can claim to actually work your brain in as useful a way as this one.

So the answer to the question of "when is a trivia game not a trivia game?" is when it's Genius Quiz. Granted the game does contain some questions that involve the need for prior knowledge such as geographical or historical questions, but it's much more than a trivia quiz. Genius Quiz mainly deals with puzzles that require logic and reasoning, questions that require deductive processes, and also questions that test your reflexes. It is a marriage of prior knowledge and active reasoning, and the experience couldn't be any better because of this melting pot of approaches courtesy of developer Andre Birnfeld.

Gone are the simple affairs of quizzes like Buzz! where you're able to carry on playing even if you're getting lots of questions wrong: Genius Quiz gives you three lives, and it is with these three lives you must make your way through the quiz's 100 questions, each as challenging and impressively constructed as the last. If you couple this 3-strike format with the fact that some of the questions exist outside of this format - there are some questions that simply terminate the game and force you to start again if you happen to get them wrong - by forcing you to get the answer correct or suffer a restart, then you can understand why it is so challenging.

As you progress in the game, and indeed as you lose your lives and must start again from the beginning, another layer of challenge is added: memory. Because the questions aren't random or ordered differently each time it becomes a case of being challenged again in a slightly different way than before; it is a challenge of remembering the right answer from your previous attempt.

The questions themselves should also receive much praise because they are challenging in a variety of different ways. The first question for example, requires that you pick the correct shape that matches the one given to you in the question but a later question also asks in which of the four positions on the screen the correct answer to the first question was. This means that the questions aren't self-contained, referring back to themselves and therefore making them more interesting and challenging in the process. The game goes on to come up with questions that require random tapping on the screen and the realisation that some questions just aren't what they seem.

Another example of the odd nature of the questions is in question 3 which asks you which of the numbers displayed is closer to Pi. The answer isn't in any of the four positions that the answers are usually in but at the top of the screen because it is after all question 3 and 3 is the closest number to Pi that is on the screen.

For the above reasons, Genius Quiz is a game that is extremely entertaining, original, and challenging in equal parts. It's a little like The Impossible Quiz only with a lot more polish and the advantage of available exclusively for Android. Its design is well-refined and its dark interface actually helps to immerse you in the experience even more than if it was brightly coloured. Its questions are devious and downright unfair at times, but this unpredictability goes along with its design and its structure to make it one of the best quiz games available for Android.